CADLOFT is a design studio that translates gifts of the imagination from concepts to reality by leveraging the precision and accuracy of computers and machines with the creative minds of its team members. CADLOFT is based in British Columbia, Canada.

CADLOFT Jewellery

CADLOFT Jewellery designs are inspired by architecture, travel, nature, and amazing individuals from around the world! Our inspirations, mixed with creativity and feedback from the CADLOFT Community, allow us to share and translate gifts of the imagination from concepts to reality.

Each of our jewellery pieces is designed in a virtual 3D environment before a real world 3D model is 3D printed layer by layer. Our precious metal 3D printed jewellery pieces go through a lost wax casting process by which your newly created jewellery piece is cast in your chosen metal. Each jewellery piece is then carefully prepared for its journey to you.

Our jewellery collections are "living projects" in that they will continue to be refreshed with new additions based on feedback from the CADLOFT Community.

CADLOFT Jewellery designs have been featured at several industry events including Baselworld in Basel, Switzerland and JCK Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada. CADLOFT Jewellery designs have been recognized with awards by industry authorities that include Rio Grande and Solidscape.

Our team is excited to share gifts of the imagination with you through our 3D printed jewellery collections!

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