CADLOFT is a design studio that translates gifts of the imagination from concepts to reality. We design and develop new products and visuals that inspire audiences. By leveraging new advancements in technology throughout our creative process, we bridge the gap between inspired ideas and reality. CADLOFT is based in British Columbia, Canada.


CADLOFT Jewellery

Through the journeys of adventurous butterflies, waves of inspiration, and more, our 3D printed jewellery collections showcase messages of positivity that are meant to motivate, inspire, and empower those who take the journey with our inspirational 3D printed jewellery creations. Each collection is a "living project" in that it will continue to be refreshed with new additions to add to the story of each collection. We hope that the special connections formed between you and our inspirational jewellery will make you a constant source of inspiration to others.

Each of our 3D printed jewellery pieces is designed in a virtual 3D environment after which a real world 3D model is 3D printed layer by layer. Our precious metal 3D printed jewellery pieces go through a lost wax casting process by which your newly created jewellery piece is cast in your chosen metal. Each jewellery piece is then carefully prepared for its journey to you.

CADLOFT Jewellery designs have been featured at several industry events including Baselworld in Basel, Switzerland and JCK Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada. CADLOFT Jewellery designs have been recognized with awards by industry authorities that include Rio Grande and Solidscape.



CADLOFT X-Series is our experimental line of products through which we test new techniques, materials, and technologies.


For bespoke one of a kind / limited production creations, please contact bespoke [at] cadloft.com.

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