The Hustlin Butterfly Ring | 3D Printed Jewelry | 3D Printed Fashion

$200.00 USD

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The Hustlin Butterfly Ring is the perfect 3D printed jewelry ring to add to your 3D printed fashion collection.

The Hustlin Butterfly has no time to waste. She works hard, she plays hard, she gets the job done. This ring exists to remind that determined hustler to keep hustlin -- she's on her way to the top!

The Hustlin Butterfly Ring was designed to represent a fast, agile, and efficient butterfly with "thick skin". The curved aerodynamic layers of armour allow this butterfly to break through glass ceilings and negative noise. The Hustlin Butterfly is positioned at the centre of this ring in full control of her destiny.

All items are made to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for production. For time sensitive orders, please email us before placing your order to confirm availability of your desired jewellery piece(s).

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